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The Secret to Retiring Early and Enjoying Freedom

How to escape the rat race?

So you, wanting to retire early is definitely a reality most people who live in this world are trapped, one can learn how to retire early at a young age, you just have to believe and go for it, although there are many skills you have to learn to escape the rate race and one of those skills is learning the difference between an asset and a liability…

I want to give a big credit to Robert Kiyosaki, he is one of the top dogs who helped influence and shape my life without him I would have the point of view that I now have on this society…

So one of the first rules is to know what a liability is, cause if you don’t it can later in life be a burden for you.

Also, I recommend you to know and have assets throughout your life because if you don’t have assets essentially money coming through your pocket you will be working for the rest of your life, also when it comes to retiring early, you must have assets essentially anything you can own that can bring money in your pocket…

That is one of the things that I want to talk about, most people you see retire in their 60s and you don’t want to retire at those ages, especially while you are you are still you if you want to thrive in this world we live on then you gonna have to own a piece of release, that what the most successful people in the world do, they own a piece of release, and that real estate is an asset that brings money in their pocket… So you whoever ever reading this can own something it can be a brand are anything….

Determine how much you’ll need for retirement.

So many people begin their journey not knowing exactly how much they gonna be needing, Like for example most people believe they need 1 million dollar for retirement, In some instances they not nesserly wrong, but, they focussing on the wrong thing, cause just because you have a million dollar that’s not the end for you, you still need many things like knowing how to manage you money, and last thing you need to believe in yourself, many people in this world started their journey, without knowing how to believe in themself, so when they face rejection a few time they, give up, I believe in life you should never give up simply its not right I also believe, If you give up on your goal, you can regret for the rest of you life.

Also know when it comes to building wealth just know you are your worst nightmare if you don’t believe in yourself then no one will just saying tackle every day with small goals that you must accomplish that how some of top well 1% figure face life, and if everyone faces life exactly like this then I could tell you So much is waiting for you at the other side of the spectrum just saying, and again all is possible when it came to the human mind, are mind is more powerful than any computer in the world and is the fastest as you know there’s more then a trillion cells in our mind and if you think that impressive then wait till you here that

How to retire in you 20s

If you want to retire in your 20s then listen up, to what I’m saying yes its not easy but it is extremely possible if millions of people are already doing it and traveling the world you to can also do it, I’m just saying that it is all possible, also know that in the human mind one can do anything you put your mind into, that just one of the thing I want to remind everyone that reading this, I’m just tryna be realistic…

Look at all the kids that are famous, don’t you feel inspired that some of them, literally came from rag to riches and one of ar al time faces that made it out of poverty was none other than Michal Jordan himself, so if he can do it, so can you, you just have to give you self a best shot…

One thing I will say is that many of them folk knew one thing and it was how to believe in themself when somany people rejected them and told them that they would never amount to anything they prove the hold world wrong, they prove that it’s really possible to amount to anything you could ever want to, so I take it into the liberty of my self, to let you know all is possible, there is nothing that can break the human limit.

How to Find Your Drive to Maximize Your Success

So one thing that I want everybody that reading this is that it all possible to find success in life and one of the things that I also want you people to know you should want to maximize success Now not later, not tomorrow, latter is too much that how you get ahead of 99% of people, if you wake up today and tell your self now, then you at the right path, also I if you younger, the more the marier just saying.

In this world, we live in achieving financial independence at a young age can open your eyes to so many opportunities I mean think about it, now that you are financially free, and unburdened you can now choose to do anything that you so want, and I believe this is were the magic lies….

There are two questions I believe an individual has to ask themself, and it is Should I live to work or should I work to live, By all means, there no wrong answer here, but if you choose the former of the latter which is life to work then you have much coming to you my friend, I mean burden….

Please, everyone, search deep and ask yourself self what am I passionate about, this question is an important question and it is one that can make you thrive if you believe in it enough, don’t tell anybody this but my passion is to go to the beach every morning and drink coffee when I’m done crazy right, but non the less this is what I’m into, but you personally got to find your drive, the thing that pushes you forward in life and it could be many different things, as long as you can bring it into your dialog, that all that important.

Lady and gentlemen what is it that you really want out of life, do you want to wake up in the morning every day with your pajamas on are do you just want to explore the countless possibilities, one can do anything they put their heart into you just got to have a passion for the everything that you are during just to enjoy it.

Why do you want to retire young in life?

There are many reasons one might want to retire young in life and one of the reasons is to enjoy the night sky, the next reason is to enjoy everything without having to worry about the alarm clock set by, many reasons one might want to retire in their youth, but the real question is how come you want to retire early in life, and why the heck you, you shouldn’t see what I did there anyway, put in your best suit and follow your passion to the end of the earth that how I did it, break a leg, people.

For people who are reading this retiring young is one of the best thing in this world simply to the very end one can simply ask themself, now that I’m young I can use my free time however I want, just these phrases alone bring chill into my bone, and not the awful sensation the good kind.

Ask yourself self if I somehow gain 6 figures how would this be like, that’s one of the things one has to ask their self, cause that the very thing that sets your life and the very universe we lived in into motion

In conclusion 

love yourself, next be the best at anything you could possibly due, for instant work, and try to develop a driving cause this is where purpose comes in, and always remember the very present we live in is king, this is where god himself resemble, I also want to mention try to be the best at everything you do, if you keep trying your best then eventually you will find your calling are your purpose, the everything that you seek…

And much luck to you folks who are reading this, thank you for spending some time with me.

Remember to get ahead of the crowd then you simply have to work harder than the rest of the crowd.

now is always the time, the time to read, time to act, and time to due, again always due things with love cause when people at your work they’ll recognise that. Learn a skilled and retire young, break a leg people, it’s good luck where I’m from take care, go-getter. 

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