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Why Invest in the Stock Market While You Young?

Should I invest in the stock market?

If you don’t know the stock market is basically where all the wealthiest individual put there money at to work for them and the real question is can you who’s reading this afford not to, well it depends, do you want to never make passive income, or be a fool thinking that your money is safer in your bank account, that the king of question one must ask themself.

There are many reason one might want to invest in the stock market, but for most people who are reading this I’m assuming that you don’t know the difference between simple interest and compound interest, if you due, then you know the power of saving while this money is compound, Also, if you a long term investor, did you know retiring while young is 80% possible for your luck is in are favor in America, the average person lives a long thrilling life so be thankful

Should I invest for my children?

Hollelouya praises the lord, so If you have a kid, like a born son are daughter, should you start their own personal portfolio, well i’ll tell you one thing at a young age they’ll be a millionaire, if it took you that long to make your first 6figure, by the time they your age they’ll have millions in the bank account without even trying just saying cause sometimes that how the math work..

But I want to let you know, If you want to send your kid to college then this is if not one of the best options for him cause I don’t know if you noticed there are many dropout college students who don’t even make it, not to mention imagine the cost of university now day, and just know, and imagine the thing you would have been doing foe you kid, and remember in this blog this is a wealth generational, blog, were everyday i’m gonna be dropping more and more content, and it won’t stop anytime soon.

Is investing right for you, and why should you care?

Well in wealth building management their many people out there who don’t have a clue about anything, and you, yes you, got to wake up one day and ask yourself, the possibilities and the countless tasks one can due, when you think about it, many and many people wake up every day and go to work which is thrilling if you think about it but you know what is the next best thrilling thing on this planet it’s enjoying the fruit of your labor, and there nothing like enjoying the fruit of your labor, knowing that it was given to you nonother than the universe itself, cause essentially it feel as, though it was free, this is what it feels like if you start to invest at a young age, and I always have a saying and the saying is that, If you gonna start the time is, NOW..

That one of my saying and that is true in business and in life, I’m someone who also believes we all have god inside us, that one of the thing I believe in.

Why invest in your youth?

One of the things that I want to mention is that there is nothing like investing in your youth, it’s not fun of course but, you do, have the privilege of enjoying your sweet-earned cash, It was passive of course, you’ve earned or required it, to say at the very least one of the best I do say so my self.

You see the colors are brighter, your bones and body are younger, its better I say to have it as young as possible, the more the marier that’s one of my sayings, so, to be delighted to be filled with hope that one of the things investing especially at an established business can do for you, and all though I’m not a financial advisor Just know all I’m talking about is for, entertainment purposes If one wan to be extremely successful in some field, then one must be adequate in certain background in the very least, not that of course if one want to they can’t accomplish their goal.

What the way to invest

I always have a saying long and steady always win the race, there wa a little bunny vs a rabbit and I’m sure you know who was fastest, but what you didn’t know was although a slow-moving turtle is slow, it has the potential to outperform a rabbit.

 So just like the story of the turtle and the rabbit, when the rabbit, out-thinks itself thinking there was no way the slow little turtle gonna win the wast, he took a nap and sure enough, the slow-moving turtle won the wast. The key takeaway here is that you should never be too much in a rush, you might destroy yourself, in both business and in life, but I do say ladies and gentlemen when it comes to investing, the long road is always better and I have many people to back me up on this one too… you see there many people on the internet who took the fast lane, like trading, etc.. and they mess up, also there’s other people that resemble the little turtles they would, invest slowly knowing that every year their money always compounding, and anytime soon they’ll reap the reward so that is the benefit in all this.

What’s the best stock market one should consider?

Well although there no one size that fills all, and although I’m not a financial advisor I can tell you the type of stock that always makes it successful year after year and it is, in fact non other than stock that has been around for a long time, and also some of the most successful stock in the market are listen closely, blue stock market one of the best if not the best stock in history, just saying…

Also, I believe that long-term investing is the way, taking the long and steady path, earning compound interest, earning an average of 7 percent interest on your money is the way, Please note that business that, have been around for at least 100 so years are seen as blue stocks, essentially they are stock you can invest in for your retirement, that whatI believed in also ask yourself, can I afford not to, what about my children and my children, thats the type of question one have to ask themself, cause we live in a society, that wants to rub you of your freedom, all we do is pay taxes, invest in yourself, and give your self the liberty, that you’ve been looking for, and FYI investing in what so-called blue chip stock etc.. is seen as wasting time to some, but what I want you to know that investing in the stock that mostly will be around for th next hundred years is a good decision that will put money inside your pocket, truly an asset everyone should consider.

Should I retire early?

I believe now better than ever we hold the power within our hands to do as we please, we are the people and as such we are independent, but as individuals, with personnel, investing is a way to escape the rate race, we live in an environment were one is seen as, a worker, that is destined to save his life, and never have a beautiful thing, I believe every man should live like a king and as such a king or a queen, non the less one should know little ways to increase their wealth an so, investing without regard is one of them, starting right now is the way to financial freedom and blessing start now to latter on enjoy the fruit of your labors.

In conclusion

Investing in the stock market could be one if not the best thing you could do in your entire life, although we were taught how to invest, investing the slow and steady path is, a healthy, safe way one can live, one of the best stock that is around are those that been around at least a few hundred years, so most likely you can trust that your money is safe, and also, making passive income, is now easier than ever thanks to the stock market, one can now send their children into college safely knowing their wont be a burden and knowing they won’t drop out, and always remember the best time for your financial future, is nonother then right now, they’re nothing like being in the present living for the present, and just being in nature, this is one if not the best way one can live.

The stock market is seen as a tool for wealth, when they out, sleeping they make money, when they eating they making money when they breathing they also make money, anyone who is serious on their path to financial freedom must know one way are the next to make passive income essentially, and with the power of passive income, you could receive this freedom you’ve been looking for.

Retiring early without a 401k is now easier than ever simply cause you don’t have to wait till you are 60 are 70 to enjoy your life, you can do it right now, of course, you do need a good position non the less but still, now more than ever before one can see the possibility of investing in the stock, thanks to compound interest.

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