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Escape poverty now

How to escape poverty poverty if you don’t know it is a major problem and this Society we live in There are a lot of kids a lot of children and a lot of people that are in poverty and you have to ask yourself how could I avoid property, in this blog post I’m going to give you a list of ways to avoid property and be financially free…

Have a strong desire for change

When it comes to anything in this world the number one and best part to start is essentially a desire so if you want to change your life, you want to change your future the number one thing you can do is start right now, Most people in this world can’t understand that when you come to accomplishing a major goal it first have to start with the desire it first have to start with the mind cuz essentially if you want it if your mind wanted and if you want this certain test to become a reality just know that it is in fact possible, so the more you believe you could essentially accomplish something the more that this test are given subject could essentially be your reality.

Learn finance to escape the rate race

So if you or right now at the bottom of the ocean and where you want to essentially be is up or above sea level, you got to start grinding, you got to start hustling, you got to know that it all starts with you..

 when you come to finance I believe the number one place you could start is by reading books cuz the more books you read the more life you’ve been through Hebrew with 100 if not thousands of books have experienced many different things in a short period of time, so go out there and leave as much Financial book as possible learn how to invest and grow wealth.

By believing in yourself you make it, to the point of making everything you’ve wanted closer to reality, and remember, where you are right now doesn’t define you, as this is nothing but a journey, and know all is possible, when you put god first, I’m a big believer in a life force higher than mines.

If you want to truly escape the rat race my friend then you can put your mind out here and start exploring as there cuntless ways to essentially make your reality into, truth.

If you right now.

Why have a consistence mindset?

So I want to let you know being extremely consistent with any given task infront of you, is an extraordinarily way of doing thing, did you know when it come to the most talented people alive, they have a fresh way of looking into thing, and essentially how they love looking at something, is by being consistent with any given objective they are given, I want to let you know if you want to be just as successful as any known figure, are celebrity, are anyone who is infact talented know that it is possible, many people look at success and think, huh it is given, but let me warn you true success doesn’t come easy, if you want true success you have to take it by the neck, this what its all about, anyway success was never given to me by a golden spoon and I think, If you want to be suscseesful in what ever criteria you in right now, I believe you need to be consistent as consistency is the, beaty of hard work, and goin out their creating a habit for your self, consistent with you goals, consistent with your life, consistency with the mission you trying to accomplish wether that may be, fiding a new mate are being extremely successful in your field, I think that what its all about.

The difference between a broke mindset and a rich one

Broke mindset People have a specific way of thinking, and the way they think is by idealizing themself with broken thought, like, I can’t care I’m not good enough if you ever hear those thoughts within the construction of your own mind, you could be suffering from broke people mindset, I’m not a financial advisor people, just want you to be reminded.

Broke people always give up, and if you think you are essentially different from the average joe, then you who are reading this have a major. Rich people are always goal-oriented and never give, up, as they don’t know the meaning of giving up, It is essentially one of the best ways to live life.

Find one good thing you are good at?

So I know theirs many, Wealthy people out there, and if you think about, it, when it comes to wealth it only takes one person to change the course of history, most people are broke, they settle down, and they will get whatever life throw at them, but, I can tell you, when it came to wealth it all bout mastering one thing, instead of mastering many things, so I could tell you in this century we live in, especially this 20th century better known as the digital age, there more information, then they ever were, and you know what, it’s easier than ever before to learn anything that you wanted, but theirs one problem, and it is information overflow, with so much option if one doesn’t know how to consume the topic properly, with so much content to pick from, it can be confusing, but nonetheless it’s good to go out there and find something you good at, and make sure it’s one thing, instead of multiple things.

We live in a society that convinces you to do everything and what most people are is mediocre, when you try your best to be good at everything, you no longer can essentially be the ultimate expert at one thing, that is where specialists come in, If you want to become a wealthy individual its good to, find, one thing you like and stick to it, do it so much that you inevitably became the best in the world, when it comes to it. 

Being a specialist is one of the best things you could be, to reference imagine there a cup, if you are good at multiple thing the cup will inevitably get filled slower, if you focus only at one thing, than non then less the cup, get filled in faster… so you could see, that the less you thing you do, the more perfect you became at this specific thing.

The difference between rich and poor

So if you want to escape the rat race there are a few things you gonna have to understand and it is liability and Asstet, their many people that mistake assets, for drew, you know, that beautiful a diamond, a nice pearl necklace are thing that could appreciate over time, instead of losing their value.

There many people who think it beautiful to buy jewelry, when they have cashflow, but I’m here to say that, that’s not everything is appreciated, as with some items the moment you buy, it depreciates, insignificant value, that why, if you want to properly be with the elit A.K.A wealthiest then you 

got to execute a few things, essentially the thing you got to do, when it came to investing on anything, is that gold bar, is what hold values, it’s not jewelry, so don’t try to be rich just to be broke.

If you want to be a wealthy individual then you gonna have to, understand, that buying something that could potentially, increase, in value is better to know as. Asset, so make sure to buy something that could be appreciated in value, that’s the thing I want to let you people know.

Buying gold and silver is essentially one of the most important things you could essentially do in your life, simply due to the fact that gold, never depreciates in value, especially gold, bar are coin, so it’s good to know those things simply due to the fact that, if you have those pieces of the property lying around, you’ll be to thrive when the economy is in recession, as what you have, go up in value, so key take away gold is definitely worth it especially do to the fact that they always keep their values.

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