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Why budget in the first place?

In today’s world, we live in at a world that demands our attention and one of the things we needed is basically, budgeting, that one of the thing, all though school didn’t teach us about budgeting, I’m here to tell you it is one of the best skill you can learn simply, because you can save your life and live a stress-free world, without any burden.

Who am I, well I’m a college dropout, I was a nerd, got good grades and most of all I was a good student at the very least, I got the track workers to prove it…

Cause I spent twenty years in school, I left it and group out of college, I learned that school didn’t teach us one if not one of the most valuable skills in the world, and that skill is Money management.

We need to be knowledgeable and behave, especially in tough times, In today I’m gonna reveal all the financial secrets needed to live in this world we live in.

Why budget in the first place? Well budgeting could save your life, I mean have you seen anyone who is homeless, not dat anyone can’t be one, budget, and management help you from staying broke, and it is a skill, that could literally save your life, just saying.

Know your Needs and wants!

If you want to meet all your budget requirement than one thing that I’m gonna recomend is that you must first, need the difrent between your need and want, one thing that I do recommend is your need is more important than your want, in the life we live in, one can want many thing like this new playstation are the new iphone, and not many people have what it take to afford everything that they wanted, and if you find that you are one of theme than what I redomend is that, you need to focus on your need, Need is essentialy the driving forse that keep you alive, protect it, also I want tu put That, Its ok not abble to afford everything you want, but what i do want you to know, is putting your need first is a prioty that will make your life 10 x better simply cause you focussing on everything that can make you feel healthy, Putting your need first also put you in a steady mindflow, you don’t want to spent a milliondollar on this lamboghinny you always wanted when you don’t have enough, no, you want to save, till you can afford spend it…

So it is really important to know your wants and needs.

Turn budgeting Into an asset skill?

Did you know that you can turn anything into an asset, including how you spend your money, you want to spend your money wisely, Although we aren’t robots, are machines and we need to spend on expenses, I want you to know you still can turn your budgeting skill into an asset, one of the things I recommend to make this a reality is to, spend time tracking, If you learn to budget, especially in business it can be an extremely profitable skill to learn simply cause you know were everything is going also, I recommend to build some accounting skill also, cause two of those skill are, really important when it comes to building you wealth, it is one of the best things you can learn…

So focus on your strong suit and if you don’t have one build one up, cause skills like that are essential in our everyday life, where one manages expenses on an everyday living, knowing your strong suit, and planning for debt, is an important attribute that will set you ahead of your peers..

While most people are out and spending most of their income on dining out, or restaurants you know that you can spending your time wisely, and you are saving it to build more capital…

How to manage your expenses?

I’m gonna reavel, how to manage your expenses, well when it comes down to that tactics, one must try to understand their income, and also if you can try to track down your financial habits, like how you spend your money, you can essentially make it easier on yourself.

You want to tackle this at your roots, and to this correctly you must first, see where all those painkiller expenses is coming from, and try to take some out, if you have been going out into the restaurant, then you need to decide, to cut it off are, keep it, all though it is warn that you will face the consequences…

Ladies and gentlemen please prioritize your expenses, please try to know the dues and don’t, and remember you can’t climb the wealth ladder, if you don’t set your expenses straight, so prioritize everything, as to not regret it later.

Build an emergency fund to rely on!

So the thing is most of the time, you might be working which is a good thing but one thing that sets you off to a good start is, making sure there an emergency fund that you could rely on, a number of problems can show up, and they can show up unexpectedly, for example, you can suddenly develop a cataract in one of your eyes, many people who are growing older develop sometime of impairment issue, so always leave money for anything that is unexpected cause many accidents can happen to you, and I’m not gonna list them, but essentially be careful.

Limit spending that’s not in your dictionary!

If you go out all the time and spend money on the things you don’t want then you got to put it in your dictionary, it can be anything, like spending too much on expenses you don’t want…

Also before you spend anything plan ahead, because if you plan ahead of anything it could, benefit you extremely.

you play the lottery and spend 800 every month are so, you can limit that, cause if you don’t you just spend, your hard-earned money…

The secret to budgeting?

What is the secret to budgeting, well If you don’t know living in this world, we need to do one thing and that is taxed, that is one of the things we are constantly burdened with, and that is why one needs to be knowledgeable in handling their money, not to mention if you don’t know how to handle your money you are F**ck.

So ladies and gentlemen, first but not least, one of the things, we need, in Handling money is, to set clear goals. Define your financial goals and priorities. Whether you’re saving for a vacation, paying off debt, or building an emergency fund, setting clear objectives will help guide your budgeting decisions.

Why should we set goals for budgeting?

 in our budgeting journey, one needs to be tuned, to not jump into a spiral conclusion, you don’t want to be in this world, not reaching your goals, are miss handling a deadline, so when it comes to setting goals, it is the best thing you can do, to reach something, because without goal setting you could get lost, and never hit your exact desired outcome, that why setting goals is extremely important, you do not want to be the person that is in the dark, cause that is exactly what you are doing, when you don’t set goals, you want to hit bullseye, hit the dart, and not miss deadline, well setting goal will help.

In conclusion

Budgeting is the key to managing wealth and also being somewhere, so ladies and gentlemen, handle your priorities straight, know the dues and don’t also, know that budgeting is all about prioritizing your expenses, budgeting is the key to success in this world.

When it comes to budgeting it can make, are kill you, if you love budgeting then, you can save for the car you always wanted, are prioritize, the most important expenses in your life are expenses, also you know where all expenses go.

which is a major benefit, in handling debt, so lady budgeting one of the most important attributes in this society we live in.

Save and manage your expenses, know where everything is going, especially if you the owner of your household, are doing any type of business.

Managing your budget is all about putting your focus somewhere that is needed, you want to put the most important thing as your priority.

All though you have to eat, taxes, etc.. learning to budget is essential, one can thrive in this civilization we live in.

one just has to believe in them self and don’t overthink it everything we are homosapien, after all, so be true to yourself, know your skill, and your strong suit, as it is the way to thrive.

Learning how to budget is among one the best skills in this world, also I’m not a financial advisor. 

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