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What School Fails to Teach us, 10 Things They Don’t Want you to Know!

School Failed to Teach us about Finance?

The school system failed to teach us about wealth, solving problems and Knowing how to be financially free. We’ve been put in this society with not much to succeed, like money management and how to handle debt, taxes. This is why, on this site, we provide you with the tools you need to enter this society and thrive. We show you everything you need to succeed in this world.

 Money management and ways you can achieve success, but luckily for you, in this blog, nothing is going to change for you. In fact, you can pat yourself on the back for making it this far….

All you have to do is digest my content… I want to make known that only a few elites know about this, which is the ways to change their course life and history substantially forever, and family altered life. In this post, you gonna get to learn insider secrets and top-notch information. I believe your luck has already changed. You’ve made it this far on this page. Chances are you don’t believe in yourself, and I’m here to help you

I would say a regular person spends 2/10th of their life in school, that is, if you are lucky….. If you are reading this, I’m assuming you are. Knowing what I’m about to share will now make you the luckiest person on earth…..

Listen to what I am about to say carefully. In wealth management, there is only time and goals. With enough time, one can achieve anything, and with goal setting, one can see their destination carefully.

1st Money management

School fails to teach us about money and in such a bad way. I mean, a regular day in school is just the teacher rambling their mouth about academy DIS and DAT. School is playing a game of remembering. Whoever can remember better gets a better grade. One never learns entrepreneurship or problem-solving skills.

That school is for you, but don’t get me wrong. They teach us in some aspects, but they don’t teach us everything life has to offer. So, luckily, you’ve landed on this site, and we teach everything here, from head to toe, on how to achieve massive success in life. We want you to go and head to victory, and we make it extremely easy. You just have to follow our proven steps, okay?

Have you ever heard money is the root of all evil? Well, they’re not necessarily wrong, but what most people fail to answer is why money is viewed as valuable. It’s just a piece of currency, after all; it’s nothing but a piece of paper. One can achieve infinite abundance if you have the right mindset.

 On this site, we are here to bring positivity and energy toward money because I see it as a gift, a reminder to all my viewers.

2nd Building your Credit card

Have you ever sat down in school and thought to yourself, how can I succeed and make it big in this world? How can someone thrive in this world

? If you think about it, schools never teach us how to build our credit.

Do you know why? If schools did teach us about credits etc… and how to borrow money, there would be more workers, the top elit don’t want that.

 If you are here right now, you can change your life and become the master of your own boat.

Building credit is a part of building wealth, so don’t miss out on building it. It is a tool that the wealthy use to make more money, as it allows them to borrow people’s money and make even more money.

Many people finish high school and then move on to the real world, only to later realize that it’s full of taxes, expenses, etc.

But you know what would help? Money management, finance? One has to struggle in this world just to make ends meet. Still, for the lucky few who know, highly profitable skills can not only live but thrive in this world, so folks, please be ready to pull out a pencil and pull up your notes, pats, cause here we are all about changing, how the world works, we want to break financial-poverty for anyone whose reading this post, because, in itself of kindness will be making the world a better, place, we want everyone to be equal in tem of financial independent.

3rd Investing in yourself!

Investing in yourself is one of those things school didn’t teach you, and I get it; they don’t want a world full of prosperity, where everyone is equal; the economy might be broken, but you know what, in this world, we lived in only the top 1% have the most wealth in this world, so I’d advise you to invest into yourself, I think, it is one of the best decision ones can make on earth, not only is it the best decision, but also, one can thrive and be one of the best out there.

Nevertheless, investing, simply put, is taking the time out of your daily life to learn more or teaching yourself a high-paying skill to not only succeed but thrive in this world; I’m just saying this because, in essence, this is what it takes.

Live a luxurious and stress-free life. But to live as a king, one has to be accountable for something, whether it’s this side gig you are working on or simply learning. Being accountable for something bigger than yourself, like that passion of yours, is a sign of taking care of yourself and your mental health. It’s something you guys need to think about.

Learning to earn is one of the best things anyone can do in this world. Not only is it the best thing one can do, but it’s also how you can thrive in this world; you want to make it easier to travel, etc. Not harder.

The thing I recommend when you are on this journey of investing in yourself, I recommend reading a book, like an audio-book, taking courses and mentorship, and in your free time, visiting video streaming websites, like YouTube; you want to visit videos that give valuable content like Heavensplit

4th Long-term investing in the stock market

okay, anything you can put your hand on, because that how more, and know you have the potential to increase your health and your

5th Time management

Knowing how to manage your time correctly is essential in the world of finance simply because there is much potential one can accomplish, and also, somehow, it is one of the best skills one can learn. It either breaks you or makes you, so know how to manage your time. Time is also the best factor in determining how successful one can be; if one has enough time, one can accomplish anything, I am just saying. make

6th Financial literacy

Do you ever want to be financially smart, well there are many thing you can do, like reading book on finance etc… in summary the reason one should dedicate their life to being financially literate is to have an edge on your peers.

 You must learn to know the difference between assets and liability, so do your homework people, just saying; also, finance is a languish simply because we do it every day if you think about it, so learn it, be financially literate, and be the best, your life will forever change good luck.

7th Setting goals

One of the things school didn’t teach us is setting goals. If one learns it, they can accomplish everything they ever wanted; setting goals is the basic and fundamental of life. In this society we live in, their bills, utilities, and debt, one needs to set goals and move through the unrivaled mysteries called life, so please people, set goals to your heart’s content, see the destination you’r heading, don’t move through this life in darkness, are were one can’t see the light. Set goal See, the way I always tell everyone that setting a goal is basically throwing darts; you’ll hit bullseyes easier if you have a goal. 

8th asset and liability 

Many people went to school without learning what an asset is or what a liability is.

School didn’t teach us about assets, liability, and how to clear debt cash. If you want to know the difference between asset and liability, then you’ll set yourself in motion to be your best self in term of wealth management. In Heavensplit, we teach you how to manage debt, so please read all of our articles to have a clearer idea.

9th How to Increase Net Worth

School never teaches us about net worth. A regular person doesn’t know the difference between doesn’t set and a liability, and one must invest in oneself or take on a side gig to know exactly how to have a High worth in this society.

10th. Planning to succeed

So one of the things school didn’t teach us is how to succeed didn’t real world, but luckily, that’s why Heavensplit is here. I that’s very content you could ever need from A- Z, so please read my post, take on all my books, and watch my videos to get a better sense of financial independence as 

In conclusion

The school failed to teach us so many things. One has to go into the real world with next to nothing, the average person an’t even close to financial independence. Also, to be extremely successful in this society, one must learn a second skill because one will face many debts and liabilities. If you aren’t about that, then increasing your skills and investing in yourself would be the way to go. You’ll be happier, too, just saying.

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