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How do you Become Extremely Filthy Rich?

What are the essentials to wealth?

In today’s world if you want to become rich then, there’s one thing you must do is to learn finance I mean look at the economy we live in why are the wealthier individuals getting more rich, it is because they understand financial literacy, and you know what, anybody can learn finance too. All you need to do is study it, and you to will be among the top 1%, remember, becoming wealthy is all about finding opportunities and being out there just want to let you people know that.

I want you guys to know that in life you are what you think are…

That one thing about life you have to understand, 2nd I want to let you people to that, working on your goal is one of the best thing you can do in your life..

Some of the most successful people in the world understand that believing in themselves believing in their goals and having a dream is how to accomplish most of the things that they want if you want to start a business you could essentially start it but remember you must be living yourself by believing in yourself you could essentially accomplish anything that you ever wanted. 

Find a problem and solve it? 

The next thing one must do is solve the problem if you want to be the next best thing, and achieve massive success in your field remember, you must solve a problem, so listen to the crowd what is it that most people is lacking, that’s essentially all you got to do, deadass, but essentially, you got to look at every company in the world and tell me what they accomplished.

One of the most nieces but wealthies companies in the world is Amazon for example, they solve many problems, and what they solve is books, they started of with books, many people didn’t have quick excesses to books, so that was their first thing selling, book thee became soo good even they started selling things other than a book, like a product.

When it comes to the Southern problem it is the number one way to become rich many people who are solving problems for a problem solver are able to basically a mass mean you love and most people might think this is luck but this is not luck and it’s not coincidence because we live in the world the more problem you can solve the more money you could make meaning of the most successful people on Earth are able to solve problems you are essentially a problem solver you could essentially a mass media and if not a lot.

Always remember when it comes to solving problems you don’t have to reinvent the wheel all you have to do is take something that’s already working and add to it if you could add to it it is essentially one of the best ways to basically game mean your wealth.

Have an abundance mindset!

Having an abundance mindset goes far from just being perfect it is one of the qualities that make you like a diamond compared to the average Joe…

If you want to be rich in this world, both physically and mentally then…

theirs a couple of things I believe you gonna have to go through and it is to believe in yourself self those things are essential to living.. an abundant life.

Some of the most well-known people in the world, especially some of the wealthiest individuals in this era that we now live in…

Have an orra about them, and that thing is if you don’t know is.

Remember having an abundance mindset could change your life many of the individuals from Back To Riches who were essentially nothing and become something they essentially able to do that because they understand the power of the universe and one of the powers that exist in this universe is the law of Attraction essentially so if you someone who have many abundances inside your mind you have a lot of abundance inside your consciousness it would it will reveal itself in reality in this reality that we, in fact, live in you will vibe with many lights most people might see you and they might think that whatever happened to you is a coincidence but I could assure you it’s not a coincidence so by believing in and having an abundance mindset more beautiful thing going to start happening to you nicer thing going to happen to you and every single thing that could ever happen to you again is not a coincidence. 

 asset and liability

So knowing the difference between assets and liabilities is one of the ways to increase your wealth you would be surprised how many people in America don’t know the difference between a liability which could put money out of your pocket and an asset which could bring money inside of your pocket if you someone who truly believe what asset and liability is essentially you could become one the roughest individual alive.

 so by owning an asset you could, Make money most people think making money is hard but I can assure you that making money is not hard it’s not a hard thing to make money because all you essentially are doing is having a brand.

 I want to let you know you’ll be surprised by how many feet how many people in America and all over the world essentially love the brand.

Key takeaway here wealthy people on stuff they might on a piece of bread you might want a piece of real estate you might a piece of acid and all it essentially is is something that can make them money something that could make them generational wealth.

You’ll be surprised at how many people in this world that we essentially live in don’t know the difference between an asset and a liability and to tell you the truth one of the people who essentially made me realize what an asset is is Robert Kiyosaki so shout out to him keep mostly talk about real estate and stuff.

 I want you to see, that assets are one of the ways to build wealth, if you have an idea or you have a piece of Real Estate or a piece of properties, essentially it could make you a lot of money and this is how to create generational wealth by having a piece of property that can bring money inside your pocket anything that can bring money inside of your pocket can make you wealthy is the way to become rich.

 if you think about it is anything that can bring money out of your pocket it could be that car you always wanted it could be that boot you wanted it could be a Bugatti it could be anything that could essentially drain your money this is what a liability is most people go around with wealthy Jelwry and that’s the little hair sticking out and.

In summary

In summary, if you want to become a wealthy individual then you must believe in yourself if you believe in yourself there are many possibilities next thing you should SSD have an abundance mindset many people who could listen have an abundance mindset or are protected by the universe simply put nothing happened by coincidence next thing on all this is knowing the difference between assets and liabilities if you have assets or anything that could put money inside your pocket it is one of the ways to increase your wealth.

 finding problems is also a beautiful way to increase your wealth if you could find problems out there you could essentially fix those problems and by solving problems it is one of the most beautiful ways to increase your wealth and become extremely rich.

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